The camp site

Myrkdalen Camping is open all year round and consists of 4 new cabins with bathroom, 8 small cabins, caravan park, and in summer time also space for tents.

On the site you'll find toilets, showers and a simple kitchen.


we are also offer the possibility to rent a farmhouse that is situated with a nice view to the camp site. check out cabins to see more.

Map of the site

Map of the site.

Map of the site.


In the surrounding region

Myrkdalen is a small village in Voss council district, 24 km from Voss centre. Myrkdalen is a good starting point for excursions to the Nærøy Fjord, Stalheim, Gudvangen and Flåm.
And if you travel in opposite direction, you can explore Vik by the Sogne Fjord and visit the Hopperstad Stave Church.
Make sure you visit Voss while staying at Myrkdalen Camping. On your way to Voss Centre you'll see the Tvindefossen waterfall, about 150 m high.
The road continues from Voss to Bergen.